Delicious Salmon Croquettes (aka Salmon Patties)


1 can of salmon

1 egg


Mined Onion (dried or freshly chopped)

Chives (dried preferably)

Onion powder

Sea salt

Black pepper

Vegetable Oil of choice

1 TBSP of flour (to bind mixture together before frying)


In a large bowl, combine salmon, seasonings, egg and flour. The flour will be used as binding agent for your patties. Before dumping in the entire tablespoon of flour into your salmon mixture, add in the flour bit by bit, to test to see if the mixture needs more (or less) flour. If your patties can form into patties easily, without being too soupy or sloppy, then you are all good to go.

*Note: If you have never opened up a can of salmon, there are soft bones that come inside the can as well. Honestly, once cooked you will not notice that they are there. As a precaution, I like to crush the bones while I am creating my mixture. Be vigilent when serving these to children.

When your patties are ready to be formed and fried, add you vegetable oil to a pan (you want the oil to hit 1-2 inches below the patty) and allow to heat all the way through on medium heat. If you would like to test if you oil is ready to be used, throw in a few light little dashes of flour. If the flour sizzles, your oil is ready to go!

Once you form your patties to your desired size, add them very carefully to your heated oil and fry until nice, brown and crispy on the outside.

As patties finish frying, take out of the oil and drain the patties on a paper towel lined plate.

Serve while warm.

This recipe will yield between 4-5 large salmon patties. To increase servings add more cans of salmon. Keep in mind for every can of salmon, use 1 egg (Ex. 2 cans of salmon requires 2 eggs)

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